Owners Pool
A sequestered village
A tranquil swimming pool

It feels like leisurely swimming
in the wooded garden of a large mansion.

The owners pool in the Manor House Zone is more private and relaxing because only a few are allowed to use it.



Owners Pool at Building #3 is 14.6m x 6m with 1.2m water depth.
Owners Pool at Building #7 is 21.1m x 13.6m with 1.1m water depth.

Operating hours

09:00 - 20:00
(break time 12:00 ~ 13:00)

Available for

Members staying at Village de Ananti only


Free for the target guests (unlimited use)

How to use

- Life jackets are mandatory for children 120cm tall or shorter.
- Children aged 13 and under are allowed when accompanied by a guardian.
- Diving is prohibited in the swimming pool.
- Infants under 36 months need to wear a waterproof diaper.
- For your safety and comfort, we prohibit outside food and drink and the use of swimming equipment (e.g., snorkel gears, personal tubes, and flippers) other than wearable life jackets.
- Commercial filming may be restricted.
- One set of sunbeds and seats are available per guest room (self-seating).
- Separate lockers and showers are not provided. Please use the facility after changing in your room.
- Outdoor swimming pool operations may be temporarily suspended without notice under poor weather conditions that pose a concern for guest safety, such as strong winds or heavy rain.