Eternal Journey


A bookstore that adds the humanistic pleasure of traveling

The bookstore, which adds the humanistic pleasure of traveling to your journey and helps you rediscover your unique taste that had been forgotten due to
hectic daily life, is a special space that fully embraces the identity of Eternal Journey.
Carefully selected by the discerning curators of ANANTI, over 8,000 books overflowing with uniqueness are displayed in the bookstore by topic.

A lifestyle zone with stories

The lifestyle section started from imagining about a space of people with creative energy that inspire us. Accordingly, the space features the power of planning.
Visitors might even feel that they have invited to someone’s house as the zone is arranged with bed, sofas, desk, hangers, Beds, sofas, desks, hangers, dressers and so on.
The lifestyle zone is filled with items related to the stories of writers and artists who have influenced us culturally and emotionally from the past until now and items from over 40 brands that adhere to their own color and uniqueness.

A kids zone that fosters children’s creativity

Prepared separately from the bookstore, the kids zone is filled with various interesting books such as foreign books, imported play books, and pop-up books.
Children can also spend their time playing freely with blocks and wooden toys prepared in the kids zone.



Penthouse Building 7

Operation hours



1st Floor Restaurant & Food store: 055-860-0688
2nd Floor Bookstore, Kids zone, Lifestyle zone: 055-860-0689