A world never seen before A world that is on a whole other level ANANTI Third Generation VILLAGE DE ANANTI


A scale beyond imagination The level of sophistication exceeding all expectations

The scale of this all-new VILLAGE DE ANANTI is far more overwhelming than one can imagine based on the design drawings.
The facilities that fill VILLAGE DE ANANTI are systematically and elaborately connected with one another, creating an exquisitely beautiful scene.

The site was raised
for a perfect view of the sea.

For a panoramic view of the sea and a private resting environment surrounded by a forest,
we raised the site over 38.5m to a level equivalent to the 10th floor of ANANTI Hilton by stacking 2 million tons of soil transported with 200,000 10-ton trucks.

38.5m above sea level was just the beginning.

We varied the ground level of the complex according to the features and expected view of respective facilities planned out.
Thus, the end of the complex reaches as high as 70m above sea level and has a full view of the sea even from a distance.
This is ANANTI Third Generation where mountain, sea and privacy coexist.

We built something we have dreamed of, fitting in as many as 11 squares in the site.

Mayfair district, where the elegant London city life in the 19th century England remains intact.
This area represents the value of coexistence ANANTI pursues as upper-class residential properties and upmarket shops and restaurants coexist around Grosvenor Square.
The key to ANANTI’s new design that elegantly reproduces the 19th century software is the 11 beautiful squares surrounded by a forest and overlooking the open sea.
The main square is no less than 10,000 pyeong (approximately 33,000m2)

Well then, let’s begin the game now.

This is the story about VILLAGE DE ANANTI.
Please drag.

  • (54) Swimming pools
  • (181) Hinokis
  • (94) Private villas
  • (5) Clippers
  • (16) Upmarket restaurant
  • (11) Squares

94 units of Manor House of such perfection

and outdoor pool, barbecue place, and prefect privacy just for us.

Duplex House, Turning the world around from thinking out of the box

The corridor and bedrooms on the 1st floor,
the living room and terrace on the 2nd floor.
Everything changes when we think out of the box.

Spring House, equipped with a hot spring that is elegant and even private.

It’s time to applaud since Spring House more advanced than Murata House is here.


An overwhelming process that erased the impossible

VILLAGE DE ANANTI is designed so that all the travel sequences we want can coexist perfectly.
A brilliant past and a creative future; an elegant city and a peaceful countryside; the overwhelming sea and the warm forest.
The ability to make all these coexist in harmony.
VILLAGE DE ANANTI is established through this new and innovative MIPP (Multi Interface Puzzling Process), which is an outcome long-term investment, trial and error, experience and tenacity.

If you would like to learn more about ANANTI Third Generation
that turned the impossible into the possible,
book a one-on-one briefing with a butler.

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