The shuttle bus leaves for ANANTI COVE.

The distance between ANANTI COVE and VILLAGE DE ANANTI,
which are along the only private beach of 1 km in Busan, is 351 m and a 5-minute walk.
If you want to take a closer look at the sea, leave for ANANTI COVE,
and if you want to embrace the sea from a higher perspective, leave for VILLAGE DE ANANTI.
Enjoy overwhelming experience provided by richer programs
and facilities of different attractions ranging
from ANANTI COVE Penthouse to ANANTI At Busan Cove and ANANTI Town.


Operation Hours

08:00 – 20:00 (last boarding time 18:30), 24 trips a day
* Departure time: VILLAGE DE ANANTI (L.P. Crystal) every 10th minute and every 40th minute
ANANTI COVE (Hilton Lobby 2) every o’clock sharp and every 30th minute
* Time spent for one back-and-forth travel: approximately 30 minutes

Bus Stops

A total of four bus stops: ANANTI COVE (Hilton Lobby 2) / ANANTI Town / L.P. Crystal / Clipper

Operation Route

In front of ANANTI COVE Hilton Lobby 2 → in front of returning road at ANANTI COVE Town → the opposite side of VILLAGE DE ANANTI Building D → VILLAGE DE ANANTI L.P. Crystal → in front of VILLAGE DE ANANTI Building C → in front of returning road at ANANTI COVE Town → in front of ANANTI COVE Hilton Lobby 2


– Please understand that food and drinks are not allowed in the shuttle bus for pleasant environment.
– Please note that the departure time and the arrival time may be slightly changed due to traffic circumstances.
– Customers are allowed to get on the shuttle bus in the order of arrival.
Please check the next boarding time if the maximum limit of passengers is reached.
– Please be sure to use designated bus stops for the smooth operation of the shuttle bus.
(It is not allowed to flag down or get on the shuttle bus arbitrarily.)
– Customers are requested to be sure to check the location of the bus stop in advance.