Happiness is not far away
Happiness is at Le Blanc

Le Blanc is located on the 2nd floor of L. P. Crystal.
It is a buffet restaurant with a panoramic view of Villages de Ananti's Square,
Waterfront Park, Clippers, and the beautiful Gijang Sea.

The delicious buffet that serves Korean, Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes,
bakery and more, is sure to delight everyone from kids to adults.

~ Sizzling ~ Bubbling ~
👩‍🍳Live Cooking Stations👩‍🍳

The live cooking station on the side of Le Blanc grills meat, fish, and seafood in person.
The live cooking station also serves Jjajangmyeon, rice noodles,
dumplings, and dim sum at the perfect time with the original flavors of the ingredients.
Experience the “pleasure of fresh flavors” at Le Blanc.


Operating Hours

07:30 to 13:30


2F, L.P.Crystal


Adult KRW 65,000
Child KRW 55,000
Preschooler KRW 45,000

* Adult : Over 12years old
* Child : 7~11years old
* Preschooler : 49 month~6 years old
* uncharged fee with under 48 month


051-662-7050 * It may close early depending on the situation of ingredients on the day.