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ANANTI CULTURE CLUB, a small world of ANANTI filled with culture and arts,
is where experiments and lively communication with various artists and brands occur.

ANANTI CULTURE CLUB continuously provides novel and interesting experiences
to its members through culture & arts exhibitions that combine popularity, diversity, artistry and work quality and the exhibitions of brands
that have the same orientation as ANANTI.

ANANTI CULTURE CLUB Opening Project Exhibition <Mind Matrix>

ANANTI will hold a project exhibition Mind Matrix to commemorate the opening of ANANTI CULTURE CLUB located at VILLAGE DE ANANTI in Busan.
Visitors can see it at the 1st floor and 1st basement of ANANTI CULTURE CLUB
from August 1, 2023 to October 9, 2023.

About the Exhibition

‘Mind Matrix’ denotes where mind comes into being and grows.
It is hoped that travelers will break away from everyday life and find changes in mind
and feel complete freedom through this exhibition consisting of a small world
that they can experience as they walk, see, and hear.

On the 1st floor of ANANTI CULTURE CLUB,
artist Seo Hyo-Jeong’s media art works are displayed.
In this space themed ‘Portraying the mind,’ audience can observe seeds of mind
that make everyday life. While walking and observing seeds, audience will discover
the traveler’s world contrasted with everyday life.

In succession, on the 1st basement, audience can experience ‘Where the mind stays’ in which installation works of Mind Studio are installed.
Here, seeds sown on the 1st floor come into bloom filled with life and love.
Mobile flowers of kinetic art show metaphorically the traveler’s mind full of life.


Opening hours

11:00 – 19:00 (entry closed at 18:30) everyday


1st Fl., L.P. Crystal, VILLAGE DE ANANTI

How to see

The ticket is issued on-site.

Visit guide

- ANANTI CULTURE CLUB is space exclusive for membership.
- You can use it after signing up for membership in CULTURE CLUB via ANANTI web site/app.
- You can enter immediately at any time with a ticket (coupon) in ANANTI app, and a separate reservation is not allowed.
- In the event that the exhibition venue is overcrowded, wait time for entrance may be incurred.
- The venue is closed during a period of preparation for exhibition.