To enjoy a fantastic time in a hot spring on the sea,

We introduce a new signature space of Waterhouse
A completely different world is presented by the sensible music and media art adorning the walls in the hot springs connected like a maze.
All the pools are overflowing with individual character and
impressive harmony of straight lines and curves.
Experience fantastic moments you have never experienced before.

The best hot spring in Korea

Boasting 4,600㎡ of interior space and a total area of 6,600㎡,
WATER HOUSE is the best hot spring facility in Korea.
It provides 1,000 tons of 100% natural hot spring water pumped up daily from 600 meters underground.
The chloride mineral water in Water House not only helps relieve various symptoms of neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, dermatitis, and arthritis, but also offers anti-aging and conditioning effects.

A varied hot spring experience while overlooking the sea

Exotic interior, unique atmosphere, floor plan allowing free movement in and out of the building, and limited number of guest admission create the ideal environment to enjoy in a leisurely way the comfort of warm water and the medicinal effects of the hot springs.
What makes this place even more attractive is that you can use the Hilton Ocean Infinity Pool in summer and the Infinity Open-air Bath in other seasons. more attractive.


Recharge your energy at Watch Your Step, a small restaurant in Water House.
You may enjoy a cold beverage with snacks,
or have a meal with Chinese dishes made with fresh seafood.


Operating hours

Weekdays/Weekends 09:00~22:00
* Night pass applies from 6 PM


Direction to WATER HOUSE on a sunny day (ground level) Direction to WATER HOUSE on a rainy day (basement)


* Neck tube, arm tube, and life jacket for infants/toddlers are available, but general tube, large tube, kickboard, flippers, water gun, and beach ball are not available
* When using the indoor pool, please wear a swimsuit for effective management of clean water quality.
* Anyone aged 4 (48 months) or older is restricted from entering the changing room of the opposite sex.