Fresh seafood from Gijang and wonderful course dishes
And the romantic sea

Fresh seafood brought in from the sea of Gijang every morning, the creative recipes of La Mer,
and the romantic sea in harmony with rocks present an unforgettable and special time.

Healthier and more beautiful

The open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant represents La Mer's
promise to provide healthier and fresher food.

The relaxing space resembling the sea features exotic and elegant interior design, comfortable furniture, and green plants.
These elements are in harmony with the vast ocean evoke exclamations from the guests.

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A comfortable distance to respect privacy

For safety and privacy, the tables are arranged at a comfortable distance.
Enjoy a valuable time with your loved ones at La Mer, where you can focus on one another.

User guide

Operating hours

Breakfast buffet 07:30 - 13:30 (last admission 12:30)
* Not open for lunch and dinner


Waiting time may occur depending on the situation.


Adults 65,000KRW / Children 32,500KRW

* Adult rates apply for middle school students and older
* Children: 49months ~ elementary school students
* Free for 48months or less

Reservation & Inquiry

051-604-7052 / 051-604-7053