Cabinet de Poissons,
born with the love for nature

Cabinet de Poissons expresses through media technology art what ANANTI pursues:
respect for nature, love for humanities, and the value of coexistence.
It creates unprecedented value from combining facilities with completely different natures.
Come and experience ANANTI's unique story in which the values of nature, humans, past, present, and future coexist.

Nature, Humanities, Coexistence
The spirit of ANANTI

The beautiful nature that transcends time is a source of inspiration and eternal muse for ANANTI.
The Media Art Gallery of Cabinet de Poissons is a world that appreciates the greatness of nature and awakens the spirits of nature.
We can encounter another world in this space that embraces the light and sound unique to nature and transcends time and space.

The media art performance zone prepared
in Cabinet de Poissons

1. Time Elevator: An elevator departing to the new space created by ANANTI
2. Alive Nature: A performance expressing the energy of water, fire and wind with gestures
3. Light River: A river of light guiding us to a beautiful space of light
4. Paradise Hills: Future nature delivered in the form of a cascade of light, melody stairs and a light tunnel
5. Timeless Cocoon: A mirror room offering a beautiful representation of time and space
6. Message Room: Art plate showing ANANTI’s perpetual spirit of challenge

Café and Bakery
A delightful section in Cabinet de Poissons

The Café & Bakery in Cabinet de Poissons is a delightful place to enjoy a leisurely brunch or freshly baked breads.
Come and have a cup of coffee and a variety of bakeries that go well with it as well as ANANTI’s signature bread and experience the sweet desserts.
This place also offers brunch menu inspired by movies and reinterpreted into ANANTI’s own style. Enjoy all these while facing the beautiful sea in the closest distance.

Grocery Zone
A new concept of convenient store with an ocean view

The Grocery Zone in Cabinet de Poissons offer a familiar and yet novel experience with various products carefully selected with ANANTI’s sophisticated taste, high-end food products found in premium markets, and healthy and safe beauty products.
The 'ONLY IN ANANTI' zone features products that are designed and made by ANANTI based on its own standards and principles and reflect the creative spirit of ANANTI of making what do not exist in the world.


Operating hours

Media Art Gallery
Mon-Fri 11:00~19:00
Sat-Sun 10:00~19:00

Café & Bakery
Mon-Sun 09:00~21:00


Direction to WATER HOUSE on a sunny day (ground level) Direction to WATER HOUSE on a rainy day (basement)