When you arrive at the airport,
come conveniently in a private limo.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, your journey to Ananti at Gangnam begins.
Visit hotel conveniently without taking any public transportations.


11/21(Mon) ~

Vehicle Information

- Premium : G80 or Carnival Hi-Limousine 7 Seats
- Exclusive : G90 or Carnival Hi-Limousine 4 Seats

*Customer selectable, Hi-Limousine priority assignment if not requested


(Unit: Won)

one-way round trip
ICN Premium 170,000 300,000
Exclusive 200,000 360,000
김포공항 Premium 120,000 140,000
Exclusive 200,000 240,000


- Phone Inquiry : Ananti at Gangnam +82) 2-2190-4000
- E-mail Inquiry :

Precautions for use

* Both Pick Up and Sending Service are required advanced reservation (24 hours prior to scheduled use)
* Airport Pick Up service includes picketing service at the arrival gate of the airport.
* Cannot use other routes other than ICN/GMP airport and Ananti at Gangnam.