Ananti Farm directly cultivated by Ananti Chord

Ananti Farms grow produce and herbs for salad in hydroponics without using any pesticide.
A high-efficiency LED lamps for photosynthesis replace warm sunlight, and water and culture fluid act as wide soil.
Our farm staff adjusts the temperature and humidity of the environment to the level best for the vegetables, and make sure that the vegetables grow strong by checking for any diseases.
The ingredients that have grown well in this smart farm are used in salad, wrap veggies, herbs offering deep flavor, to create a healthy table that appears like a forest has been transported to the table.

You can now enjoy the green vegetables produced at Ananti Farm at home.
Since they are sold by the root, they stay fresh and vital for you to enjoy for a long time.
The items on sale change every day depending on the state of growth of the produce. They will greet you every day to make your day pleasant.


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La Foret entrance, Smart Farm