Swimming pool above the sea

You can swim here with a view of the ocean at a higher location.
It is Village de Ananti's outdoor swimming pool closest to the sea.

An exotic landscape like no other

Its picture-perfect harmony of a beautiful waterside park and green swimming pool presents the ultimate experience.



Main pool (round) - 11.3m radius / 1.2m depth
Sub-pool (rhombic) - 17.5m x 9m / 0.6m depth



Operating hours

Peak season(July 1 ~ August 31)
Session 1 9:00 ~ 12:00
Session 2 13:00 ~ 17:00
Session 3 18:00 ~ 21:00
*Break time: 12:00~13:00, 17:00~18:00

Off Season(September 1st~ )

Charge for use

Adult 80,000 KRW
Children 45,000 KRW (Children’s fare: From 36 months to 13 years old / Free for children under 36 months)

Target users

- Ananti at Busan Village guests: 1 complimentary visit to the indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool of A Spirit of Journey or 1 complimentary visit to Spring Palace per night
- Clipper guests: 1 free use of the outdoor pool per night
*Additional use will be charged after the one free use (30% off from the regular price)

[Non-staying guests]
- Ananti non-staying members: Advance reservation required / 10 teams per unit (max 4 people per team)
- A Spirit of Journey Club members

Terms of Use

- Please pay special attention to your personal belongings when using the facility.
- Filming the facility for commercial purposes may be restricted. Moreover, excessive filming that causes inconveniences to other customers may be sanctioned. Please cooperate.
- For the safety and comfort of our guests, the use of swimming equipment (e.g., snorkel gear, flippers, water guns) other than life jackets and outside food and beverages are prohibited.
- Please take the elevator after changing in your room.

[Safety precautions]
- For safe use, please actively cooperate with the guidance of safety personnel and staff.
- Children 13 years old and under must be accompanied by a guardian to use the pool.
- Diving is prohibited in the pool.
- Children under 120cm tall are required to wear a life jacket.
- Sharp or breakable objects such as metal, plastic, and glass are prohibited.
- Please refrain from wearing accessories and eyewear that may cause injury to others.
- For the safety of our guests, those who have consumed alcoholic beverages may not be allowed to use the pool facilities.

- If you have an infectious disease that affects public health, your use will be restricted.
- Please shower in your room before entering the pool.
- Children under 36 months must wear a waterproof diaper to use the pool.
- Please wear a swimsuit when entering the pool. (No other clothing is allowed.)