Special Offer

Dress in Private.
City. Dress in Ultimate Privacy.

A place where you can enjoy Gangnam, which leads to diverse culture and new trends, without limits.
You can feel truly private as soon as you step in the door.
We can experience all these different values at Ananti at Gangnam

A past with rich history
and an innovative future
coexist at
Ananti at Gangnam

To breathe in complete relaxation
Built for me.
To complete dense private time.
Guarantee all private areas
That make up your life.

Such a beautiful
Swimming pool in the city
Feels like working out
In an elegant villa

The arch-shaped red brick at the outdoor pool and fitness studio
of Ananti at Gangnam gives a strong atmosphere.
But we soon realize.
Such a beautiful pool and fitness center can't exist in a bustling city.

A yacht on the Sea
Becoming a Cabin of Ananti at Gangnam

A “sailing yacht”, gracefully moving forward with the wind, is an object of inspiration for Ananti.
It is an exclusive space where you can spend the most private time on the open and vast sea, and
The direction of travel agrees with nature.
Its inside has an even more original and precise design.
The rooms at Ananti at Gangnam resemble a gorgeously designed yacht.
Gentle curves, exquisitely designed built-in spaces,
and everything made of elegant materials.

One. two. three. four.
A suite that can be covered.

Terraces and dining rooms command good city views.
The 5m ceiling height will make you forget you're in a hotel.
If you put two king-size beds next to each other,
Four people can sleep together.

We now hop on the “cart”
To travel around Gangnam.

Ananti at Gangnam offers exclusive cart service,
So that you can experience the charm of Gangnam while enjoying the true Gangnam style indefinitely
You can experience the trendy local culture centered around Ananti at Gangnam
You can enjoy Garosu-gil, Dosan Park, Apgujeong-dong, and Cheongdam-dong like one village.