Ananti Namhae Trail

“Human being must walk. Walking, one of the most instinctive movements of humans—as instinctive as breathing—not only has a positive effect on the whole body, but also improves mood since depression and stress are lowered due to the effect of beta-endorphin that increases in the brain during walking. Moreover, the healing function of walking is further enriched when walking along paths where beautiful nature such as the sea and forest can be enjoyed.”
From The Ananti Times [Homo Walkens]

Enjoy a leisurely stroll early in the morning or after a hearty meal. As for walking courses, the Coastal Promenade is prepared for the enjoyment of a forest and the sea, and the Lawn Plaza Promenade is prepared with sitting areas for a light chat in between walks.

Coastal Promenade (0.99km)

30-minute course
Difficulty ★★★☆☆


Go downstairs from the lobby where is the front desk, and step outside.
With your back to the clubhouse, look towards the 15th floor of the penthouse located at 11 o'clock.
There, you will find a small sign pointing in the direction of the Coastal Promenade.
As you walk along the rows of trees, you finally arrive at the entrance of the path, the starting point of the Coastal Promenade!

The walk along the path will soon lead you to the middle of a dense forest.
The sound of the waves splashing will stimulate your curiosity, and the view of the sea through the trees will evoke your admiration.
As you walk a little further, you will be greeted with a panoramic view of the South Sea.

The path leads to a wooden deck path built on rocks. In front of the wooden stairs, there is a floating bridge made of buoys. This is a photo spot that is well known for delivering great pictures that appear as if the subjects are floating on the sea. Capture your companion walking towards the sea in a picture for keeps.
You will be able to capture the blue sea in the middle of the day, and the red early in the morning and at sunset. It can be quite dangerous to even stand on the floating bridge on a windy day, so be careful!

At the end of the waterfront deck, the path splits into two ways.
Take a deep breath and choose which way you will take.

As you walk along the fence uphill, a pretty lighthouse and the endless South Sea will unfold.
After passing the lighthouse, continue to walk along the coastline to The House, and you fill find the most beautiful photo spot next to Horizon Restaurant.
A single bench on top of the green hill will greet you. Sit on a bench for a while and enjoy the blue wind of the South Sea.

Lawn Square Promenade (0.54km)

10-minute course
Difficulty ★☆☆☆☆

Step outside the clubhouse and follow the path between rows of trees. If you want to sit down to enjoy the view of the surrounding, take a byway.
You can enjoy the view of the South Sea and the forest, sit on a bench under the shade and chat for a while, or relax on a swing chair appreciating the gentle breeze.

Then, head to the forest path full of trees. At the end of the road, you will find a lawn plaza that is good for children to run around.
Also, make sure to take a leisurely time at Eternal Journey, which is full of things to eat, enjoy and read

We ask for your cooperation

- Please do not collect animals and plants, just enjoy them with your eyes.
- Please do not throw garbage on the promenade.
- Please refrain from entering areas other than the prepared promenade.