The most elegant space in the middle of a dense forest,
Water House

The Water House, which has an indoor swimming pool and an open hot spring surrounded by a forest along with a sauna facility,
is the perfect place to enjoy a healthy rest.

The outdoor space is filled with sunlight shining through the pines, and the indoor space decorated with many medium-sized or taller shrubs is reminiscent of a botanical garden.
You can enjoy a relaxing nap after a long time in the lounge that is furnished with plenty of sofas and sunbeds.

Infinity outdoor pool in a forest

An outdoor swimming pool where you can relax under the warm sunlight and feel the pleasant wind carrying the scent of the forest.
Plus a poolside snack bar that will satisfy your munchies after a good water play.
Enjoy the pool and a variety of snacks kids will love, from pizzas to snacks.


Operating hours

07:00 ~ 20:00 (Break Time: 13:00 ~ 14:00)


Off-season - Adult: 30,000 won / Child 15,000 won
Peak season - Adult: 36,000 won / Child 18,000 won
* Use time : 3 hours
* Additional fees for extended use : 5,000 won (30 minutes) / 10,000 won (60 minutes)

Use policy for members

1. When members are staying in a room
1) Free use provided only for base occupancy for a room
- Pool House, Murata House, Terrace House, The House (general type): 4 people
- Suite, The House (extended type): 6 people
2) 50% discount provided for up to 2 additional guests beyond the base occupancy

2. When members are not staying in a room
- Weekdays: Paid use for up to 6 people on weekdays
- Weekends: Paid use for up to 4 people on weekends(Sat, Sun)/holidays
- Advance reservation required

Precautions for use

* Hours of operation are subject to change according to business policies.
* Proper swim wear must be worn.
* The outdoor pool is open only during the summer season.
* Other than neck tube/arm tube/life jacket for young children, all general tubes/large tubes/kickboards/flippers/water guns/beach balls are prohibited.
* Children under the age of 7 or under 1.2m in height are not permitted to use the main outdoor pool.
* Children under the age of 13 or under 1.2m in height are not allowed to use the outdoor pool after 18:00.