A new value of consumption presented by ANANTI

"What values should we cherish hen our daily consumption desire is satisfied?"
The value of what we consume ascends one step toward a better future each time a lower concept desire is satisfied.
Among the countless consumption desires of modern people, what ANANTI values as the highest concept of consumption desires are
'Sustainability, Sense, Antitoxin & Vitality.'

A space that realizes
‘Sustainability, Sense, Antitoxin & Vitality’

Cafe & Bakery where you can taste food from all over the world
A select shop featuring various brands and realizing a new concept of consumption
A new concept of grocery that offers premium food and recipe packages
Through a unique bookstore where intellectual knowledge is shared, this space retail three concepts that Ananti pays attention to.
Salon de Eternal Journey is a space where you can develop new insights to the world through limited-edition books and various classes hard to come by, and appreciate life with a leisurely brunch.


Operating hours

Brunch 11:00 ~ 15:00 (Last Order 14:30)
Coffee/drink 11:00 ~18:00
Baedal 17:00 ~ 21:00 (Last Order 20:30)
* Breads is baked in the store every day. You can enjoy freshly baked bread every hour from 11 am.