Information for use

Cabinet de Poisson is a space for media art exhibitions where viewers can touch and experience works using their imagination and senses.

Weekdays 11:00~19:00 (Last admission at 18:00)
(Sat & Sun)
10:00~19:00 (Last admission at 18:00)
Method of operation On-site ticketing and viewing (No time limits)
Admitted at 15 minutes interval (On the hour, 15 minutes past the hour, 30 minutes past the hour, 45 minutes past the hour)
Number of viewers admitted No more than 10 people at each admission time
Precautions Please write your name in the waiting list prepared in the waiting room for admission on first-come-first-served basis
Re-admission is not allowed
  • Young children under 36 months are included in the headcount.
  • Cabinet de Poisson is closed every Thursday.
  Adults Children Note
Admission fee 15,000 10,000 Children fee applies to ages between 37months ~13 years old

* Free admission for those younger than bottom-age (However, they are included in headcount)
* Proof of age must be presented for young children under 36 months old.
  • 50% discount will be applied to ANANTI members (Maximum 2 people)
    - Discount is applied at checkout after checking membership card
  • 50% discount for guests staying at ANANTI Penthouse and ANANTI Hilton (Discount is provieded in accordance with the standard number of guests for each type of quite)
    - Discount is applied at checkout after checking room key or coupon

Precautions for viewing

  • In some parts of this media gallery, viewers are supposed to appreciate works in the dark using their senses.
    Pregnant women, the old and the infirm, and those who have difficulty viewing under low light due to claustrophobia or poor physical condition should be aware of this viewing condition before viewing.
  • Children (elementary school students and younger) must be accompanied by a guardian and should hold the hand of a guardian while viewing.
    (Media Gallery will not bear responsible for accidents caused by the negligence of guardians.)
  • Parking tickets are provided at the café desk where gallery tickets are issued.
    (2-hour free parking is applied when using Penthouse parking lot / 2-hour parking ticket will be provided when using Ananti Hilton parking lot)
  • In the event of facility damage caused during viewing, please note that repair costs will be charged for the damage.

Media Gallery Etiquette

  • Please speak in a low voice so as not to disturb other viewers.
  • Taking pictures using a tripod and selfie stick, shooting and recording for commercial purposes, and video recording are prohibited.
  • All food and beverages, including water, gum, and candy, are prohibited in the media gallery.
  • Some areas in the media gallery may have slippery floor. Please be careful and refrain from running around.