Small but so much more

Tasty Journey

Tasty Journey is not your ordinary minibar.
Prepared with a new perspective of thinking out of the box, this small bar presents a large world.

A minibar should be
what it was meant to be.

Why do minibars have to be expensive? How can minibars satisfy travelers?
We know the answers to these questions. Minibars should free travelers from the trouble of figuring out the cost-benefit of items or having to go all the way to a store to buy a can of beer. It is as simple as that. In addition, a minibar that offers unfamiliar snacks and beers that further extend the excitement of the trip would be fulfilling its role to perfection. A minibar should be what it was meant to be.

That is what Tasty Journey is.

Tasty Journey travels to
an unfamiliar world.

The whole world is contained in Tasty Journey.
From juice that were shipped from North America, the original pickled olives delivered by air freight from Italy, and potato chips made from potatoes grown under the scorching sun in Spain, to canned fish made in the pure Norway, and small snacks of Thailand known for its street foods and supermarket must-buy items, the minibar is packed with the world.
Tasty Journey is prepared with unfamiliar items not found in Korea.

Unquestionable price

The average price of beers in Tasty Journey is 4,000 won. The average price of snacks is 2,700 won.
The average price of non-alcoholic beverages is 2,400 won.
Tasty Journey offers a selection of beverages and snacks with unquestionable price and quality.