The signature cabin
featuring the most creative design for a new
definition of privacy

Elegant design incorporating the curves and space of a yacht to the max.
This cabin has a wide terrace and a relaxing living
arranged around a focal area featuring a ceiling that is 5 meters high
and a cozy bedroom on the second floor accessible via the stairs.


- Room 65.4㎡
- Balcony 5.5㎡
* 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 bathroom


2 people (maximum 4 people)

Floor location

3F, 5~7F


City view A (facing Hakdong Park), City view B (facing Cheongdam-dong)


1. High-speed WiFi, 110v/220v adapter
2. Kitchen island, refrigerator (500L), room amenities (wine glasses, wine opener, ice bucket), tea and coffee, bathroom amenities (Cabinet de Poisson)
3. Tablet PC for exclusive use in the guest room
- Select the 'Ananti at Gangnam' APP to check how to use it and enjoy it to the fullest
- 'QR login' service linked with tablet PC and Ananti APP
- Free viewing of Wavve, where a collection of TV dramas and movies are available