Do you hear that?
The sound of a jump into fun time!

The feeling of swimming
in my own villa.

Analog red bricks inducing the sensation of traveling back in time on a time machine.
A jungle-like private setting surrounded by green plants.

Even on cold winter days or rainy days
enjoy water play all year round in the pleasant and clean indoor swimming pool.



Width: 4.2M / Length: 16.0M / Depth: 1.2M

Operation hour

Semi-peak season (mid-May – mid-September)
07:00 ~ 21:00

Peak season
Session 1 07:00 ~ 13:00
Session 2 14:00 ~ 18:00
Session 3 19:00 ~ 22:00

* Maintenance hours: 13:00 ~ 14:00 / 18:00 ~ 19:00 every day
* Operating hours are subject to change according to business policies.

Available for

Ananti at Gangnam guests & Fitness Membership holders

Charge for use

Adult 110,000 won
Children 77,000 won (Children’s fare: From 36 months to 13 years old / Free for children under 36 months)

* One swimming session permitted per night stay. Additional use will be charged (30% discount applied).

Admission restrictions and terms of use

- Children under 120cm in height are required to wear a life jacket (available without charge).
- Children 13 years and younger may be admitted when accompanied by a guardian.
- Use of personal tubes is prohibited. (Wearable or vest-type tubes are available)
- Children under 36 months of age may use the pool wearing waterproof diapers.
- Swimming cap is required when using the indoor pool.