Enjoy your urban privacy
Right in this pool.

How thrilling would it be to experience ultimate rest while watching the sun pouring over the city.
How wonderful would it be to enjoy the most relaxing rest in the middle of busy Gangnam.

The outdoor pool in Ananti at Gangnam
is a very rare outdoor pool in Seoul
that will once again make the city of 'Gangnam'
delightfully unfamiliar.

The feeling of swimming
in a small town in Europe.

The arched architecture built of red bricks
presents an exotic and beautiful scene that is not easily found in city life.
At last, we are convinced that this is the most beautiful swimming pool we can find in the city.



Width: 3.5M / Length: 16.9M / Depth: 1.2M

Operation hour

Session 1 10:00 ~ 11:30
Session 2 12:00 ~ 13:00 (Adult only)
Session 3 14:00 ~ 16:30
Session 4 17:00 ~ 19:30
Session 5 20:00 ~ 21:00 (Adult only)

- Mondays ~ Fridays: Session 3 ~ Session 5
- Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: Session 1 ~ Session 5
* Session 2 and 5 are for adults only. (Not available under 17 years of age)

* Maintenance hours: 11:30 ~ 12:00 / 13:00 ~ 14:00 / 16:30 ~ 17:00 / 19:30 ~ 20:00 every day
* Operating hours are subject to change according to business policies.

Available for

Ananti at Gangnam guests & Fitness Membership holders

Charge for use

Adult 110,000 won
Children 77,000 won (Children’s fare: From 36 months to 13 years old / Free for children under 36 months)

* One swimming session permitted per night stay. Additional use will be charged (30% discount applied).

Admission restrictions and terms of use

- Children under 120cm in height are required to wear a life jacket (available without charge).
- Children 13 years and younger may be admitted when accompanied by a guardian.
- Use of personal tubes is prohibited. (Wearable or vest-type tubes are available)
- Children under 36 months of age may use the pool wearing waterproof diapers.