When you need ideas for your next destination,
try the Link Service suggested by Ananti.

What to do and where to go.
Making travel plans may be too much hassle for some people.
The Ananti at Gangnam LINK Service was created
to save you from any worry as you go on a long-awaited trip.

Ananti will provide a guide to a variety of carefully selected places
that offer new experiences in a vibrant city.

* Link service is provided only in Korean.

PICK by Ananti at Gangnam

Spaces creating a new culture with their unique concept.
Special benefits are also available for guests staying at Ananti at Gangnam.

the Link service

1. Check the places in [Ananti at Gangnam PICK].
2. Click the [Apply] button and fill in simple information such as the place of visit and room reservation number.
- Ananti staff will notify you the confirmed details after processing your reservation.
3. On the day of reservation, visit [Ananti at Gangnam PICK] and confirm that you are a guest of Ananti at Gangnam.
- Please show the reservation completion screen or mobile key on the Ananti APP.
4. Enjoy unique spaces with special benefits.